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Posted by pirensesjadijedi on October 3, 2005

…And the music stops…
…It ends…
All of a sudden…
With no warning…

The humdrum of the night,
The rush from your stomach to your head and the utter feeling of pleasure.
The words spoken lightly hang in the air,
All of a sudden…
It is daylight now.
It is time for us to take our wrecked faces onto the streets again.
With the remains of music in your ear.
It is still humming to you with an irritating hissing sound.

…And the music stops…
It just ends.
All of a sudden…
When you were just having the best of it…
And when you were just worried to loose it,
The music stops…
With the daylight onto your night remained face,
On the biting streets again marching slowly
Back to where the reality comes from.
The face of the new day is miserable,
You know what is going to come up next
You know what is hidden behind light of the day.

In the stillness on the sofa
Put a mellow music on
Just to carry on
Just to tease the pleasure of the night.
Although the night still hangs in there
Like a dream you lived and can’t believe it is true.

When the music stops…
The bedtime becomes the ripper
Waiting to take you on the corner
Like you have to sleep to turn back to the reality
But there is no reality.
It will be the same disappointment again in the morning.
No music, no kindness…
You will see over and over again
That there were people before you
Who did what you wanted to do.
That there are people in front you walking deadly
Into the stream of the city.
You need to sleep to see
That you are a big puppet of a one big imitation.

Big emptiness in the soul…
Drag the bodies into the cosiness of the blanket
While the bed is trying to cuddle the unsettled bodies
Vision rains onto your eyelids without a warning
Going down the rabbit hole, your brain is sucked to the vision
The music playing in the background grabs the images
The words are lost and the bodies are taken into the
Soul can jump on them without a hesitation
Keep on dancing with
A big irony in the cleverly organized mess
Once in a lifetime your soul can touch the music.
It is like diving into the water:
Once you pass through the surface the melody is left behind
Then comes the numbers
And then there you are:
The ultimate silence in deep below with its own tranquil melody.
If you lift your head you can see the music through the numbers.
You can touch the music from far beneath.
But it is suffocating …

The morning reaches with no doubt.
Sun in your eyes, body slept brain was fighting with itself.
Need something but not knowing what it really is
It is always the case isn’t it?

Outside the window the colours are bright
Inside the window the colours are bright.
Every colour has its own shape and dignity
Separated from one another with a personal distinct glowing line
All the objects, all the creatures are screaming with their colours:
Percept me!

The day soon falls onto its own end.
Slowly and neatly…
Everything gets slower and tiredness surrounds the atmosphere.
Colours looses their glow,
The sun looses its strength
The stories come to an end.
Everything gets slower in each minute
Then nature dictates the truth
Time stoops…

Until it starts its regular tick tack again…
Until the music starts again…

JADI © JEDI october/ekim 2005

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