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Posted by pirensesjadijedi on August 9, 2006

Everything flies in the imagination. Gravity on the other hand pulls us
towards the other direction than the air. Either direction must be in
allignment. Gravity makes the feeling of small as it is the best friend of
ego. Imagination is like a smoke in the air. Starts as a structure and
dissolves freely into the space. It can not be caught. The dream witches
catch the floating dreams and return them where they have come from in the
shape of sparkling flames. This happens to be the duty of the dream

This world lives under the gravity. Pulls the ego far deep inside. It is the
other end of the spectrum, end of the stick; it is the upside down ego. It
is the bottom of your spine.

When the disillustionment of the imagination happens in war with the gravity
, the dreams start to disappear in the air and the gravity starts to
attracts down the ego down to itself in a rapid ninja movements. This action
is provided by the little dwarves living under the gravity, pulling millions
of small but brisk mechanisms. The dwarves are always eager to pull more and
when the ego reaches the gravity, they give one more of a wally to make the
ego right under the gravity. Where ego ends up, there is constant burning
flames of fire.

The flames creep through the body starting from the bottom part of your
spine and makes its way to the head trembling everything loose on its way.
Limbs become loose, dreams get lost in the air and turn into a rain cloud,
sparkling sensations transform themselves into heavy flames of fire.

Then the dwarves let everything loose. Just like that. All of a sudden. The
nightmares slowly negotiate with the dreams, sparkles startle from the
dissolving flames and sun comes up seperating the thick cloud. That is the
time the witches come out and take these thick cloud of imagination back to
where it belongs. Joy and peace of equality brings the creativty in a golden

JADI © JEDI july/temmuz 2006

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