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The Girl Who Used To Like Umbrellas

Posted by pirensesjadijedi on September 29, 2006

Once upon a time, on the shores of the green hills lived a girl who used to like umbrellas. She had nothing, but an old copper bowl of life. This old copper bowl of life, she kept right in the middle of her chest. The life was sitting there right in the middle of her chest in an old copper bowl to feed her slowly, so she could stay alive in the cold and wet nature of the shores. The only time this life be seen by a naked eye is when the music is heard. The notes hand in hand with beats come running in the air, racing each other, to her fragile body. They enter gently through her skin. They make the old copper bowl shake rigidly, when they reach the middle of her chest. The life spreads itself to arms, legs, hips and finally her heart. The life dissolves into the veins and when it reaches the fingertips, a bright passionate light rises from her to the stars.

It was one of those other days that the sun was being lazy and sleeping with the nursery rhymes sang by the prince of clouds through the sky. The girl who used to like umbrellas woke up in her home made of umbrellas, which was hiding under the lighthouse. Her home of umbrellas kept her safe in the dark and stormy nights. These are the umbrellas, which guarded the sun for her, when the sun woke up grumpy. These are the umbrellas carried to her by seagulls, which know how she used to like umbrellas. Like she does in any other day, the girl who used to like umbrellas poked her head out of the door made of umbrellas and a mischievous seagull flew past right over her head. After a sudden movement, she dragged her body out of the ditch covered with the umbrellas carried to her by seagulls. The shore is still sliding to the horizon. There is still that naughty wind blowing from the sea. There is still shallow whisper of desolation spreading itself neatly on the sand. The air surrounding is still grey. The clouds are so thick that they can almost hug the sea. When the untamed wetness start to land on her skin, who was dreaming about the seagulls flying in front of the clouds surrounding the horizon.

‘ Oh, well’, said she and suddenly felt the delightful hiccups of life that she kept in an old copper bowl in the middle of her chest. Only after the hiccups, she crouched down on the sand started to inhale the tranquillity surrounding her. Her hands slowly touched the sand felling them spreading through her fingers. No longer she longed for the seagull flying over on the horizon. The girl who used to like umbrellas just sat there waiting for the tides to draw the water away from the shores to itself. She waited patiently, asking silent questions to the sea. More hiccups came from of life in an old copper bowl kept right in the middle of her chest. With one sudden movement, she put her fingers into the sand. The wind and the clouds started to sing her the songs from the lands far far away, where the sun is always awake to dance…

When the tides delicately exhibited the bottom of the sea, the girl who used to like umbrellas stood up calmly to start her journey to visit the wise well in the middle of the shore. The girl who used to like umbrellas marked the well good enough to be found easily each day. She hoped over the mossy stones gently sharing the greetings of the day with all the crabs and creatures running manically to the new end of the sea. Each time she hoped, the hiccups became more. By the time she reached the well, she was delirious from the hiccups locked in her chest.
The very same day, the girl who used to like umbrellas couldn’t do what she had always done before. She couldn’t open the stone lid of the well. Her hands remained on it. She couldn’t open it to learn the wisdom she had to experience today. Her settled hiccups transformed themselves into nausea growing with each beat of her heart. Her eyes fixed on the horizon; she just stood there with a heat surrounding her form the head. She heard the music coming up from the top of the hills. Her eyes saw the colours flashing from the being making the music. Her delirium didn’t leave her fragile body. Stayed there intoxicating her inch by inch. The music was flying around and reaching her pores. They were the ones that make the copper cup shake rigidly and spilling the life come out it to her fragile.

She ran back. With a sudden decision, she ran back hopping over the stones of the sea. The girl who used to like umbrellas ran back to hide herself in shades of the umbrellas.

… to be continued

JADI © JEDI september/eylul 2006

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