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Posted by pirensesjadijedi on April 28, 2007

yeni baslangiçlara bir seyahat burada siyah kumsallardan geldi…
the journey to the new beginnings came from these black shores…


YOL York-Edinburg-Glasgow-Oban
JOURNEY York- Edinburg-Glasgow-Oban

Marikita Mi Amor… Telefonlar çalismiyor. Çalissa da islemiyor… Marikita Mi Amor beni bekliyor… Yollarda çigliklar var. Güzel insanlar karsiliyor beni trenlerde yollarda. Bu nasil bir baslangic. Sona dogru?

Marikita Mi Amor… The phones are not working. Even when they are working, they aren’t making their primary duty.Marikita Mi Amor is waiting for me. There are screams on the road. On the trains and on the roads beautiful people greet me… What kind of a beginning is this. Towards the end?

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