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Posted by pirensesjadijedi on October 21, 2007

From the nightmares of residents,
there appeared a creature from the holes of the table into the night.
Only the blessed ones witnessed and they named the creature:

Kitty Pool Bug

-listening to the voices outside, said the kitty pool bug… Into this deniable realities, can I only blend with the sarcasm of delicacy..

Incantations of unconditioned mind released the sorrows of the past. Ants slowly started to crawl onto the temples of the sleeping minds screaming waves of rhythm made of pleasure…

– There ants are crawling in my mind. Echoing into the words and crushing my chest. Can someone tell me what is going on? screams echoed from the conditioned mind to the walls.

Kitty Pool Bug listened solemly with the full emptiness of the night.

Then looked into the soul of the unconditioned mind with sarcasm

Words hurt more than action. Action is the offspring of meanings. Leave it to the movement more than action, said Kitty Pool Bug.

Then Kıtty Pool Bug turned the key…
Left the words free from their brainy cage into the wilderness of the emptiness.

Kitty Pool Bug left the unconditioned minds in their new agony craving through the space with the fullness of emptiness.

Disappeared as it came: unexpectedly…

JADI © JEDI october/ekim ’07


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